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Misfit Spirits

Co-founded with Barrett Colhoun

Moogli is our homemade version of sake. No, really, we actually brew this. 
Here's a little sample.

Moogli photoshoot 1Moogli photoshoot 1

Well, it was supposed to be sake. Honestly, it bears no resemblance to the Japanese drink.

We hunted down every other form of Asian alcohol to figure out what we'd created.
Makgeolli, a Korean drink, came the closest. We could never pronounce the name right though.

Thus, Moogli was born of tongue twisting and bad memory.
You might say they're
misfit spirits.

If you want a glass or you're curious how we make it, let's set up a tasting.

(850) 602-0122

(919) 610-0552

Co-founder / Copywriter: Barrett Colhoun
Photographers: Ari Booth, Barrett Colhoun